Connecting the world through music - 2017-2018

Mrs. Monica Pickard

Nationally Certified Teacher



5th Grade -  Thursday, March 21, 2018

Matinee 1:00 (students only) Public performance 6:30 p.m.

"High School Musical, Jr."


Kindergarten May 1- 9:00 a.m.




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Comments from the kids . . .

"Thanks to you, I got that song stuck in my head and I just can't knock it out."

On getting a role in the musical, one child said, "I slept with my script under my pillow.  I figured it would help me get it memorized!"

"This pitch matching stuff is just RADICAL!"

In doing a comprehensive unit on "The Wizard of Oz", one student complained after doing spelling, vocab, geography and writing about the musical.  "You are acting like a REAL teacher", he said.  

A fifth grader complained, "How come we have to spell stuff right in music class?"

One fourth grader said, "You know . . . I think doing this rhythm stuff really DOES make me a better athlete!"

One third grader's parent commented on "The Star Spangled Banner" that we had learned in class that week.  She said her child had learned it so well, that they sang it all over the house, in the pick-up and before everyone could go hunting on opening day!

After getting the solo for the winter musical, one student was very excited to tell his parents.  He said, "I had to wait forever for my mom to get off the phone.  When I told her, she threw me up in the air because she was so excited.  But then . . . she forgot to catch me."

One fifth grader quips, "Um, Mrs. Pickard, I don't want to be rude or anything, but I was wondering if we could maybe learn less, and play more . . ."

One eighth grader comments, "The parade was just awesome. People cheered for us the whole way.  The thrill of the win was worth it."

One student quips, "If weren't for other classes, I could stay outside and march all day.  I just love this."

One sixth grader writes, "I plan to get a band "skolership" to pay for college."

A fifth grader said, "I like playing percussion because you are the only one on your instrument and you can make it or break it for everybody."

One sixth grader says:  "I like playing the trombone because it's fun and you don't need to to use valves.  I also can empty the spit with my foot."

Another says he likes band because it's an "extra charicular activity".  He says, "You can talk a little bit.  And . . . my mom won't bother me about not playing instrument."

One girl says, "I like to play clarinet because you get to sit in the second row.  I also like to be with my friends and Mrs. Pickard!"

A fifth grader says that in high school she will like marching band best because "you get to ware fethers in your head."

Another says that he will like marching band best because "you get to walk around in the middle of the street."

A kindergartner comments that music class is just like a big birthday party. We sing and play great games!




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